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What can Evening by Evening do for you? A lot! Especially if you're a serious Christian or a Bible student who wants to be challenged to think differently about how to apply God's Word to your life. Jim Reimann, inspired interpreter of such classics as Streams in the Desert and My Utmost for His Highest, gives Evening by Evening the powerful devotions of Charles Spurgeon a new spin. Reimann carefully maintains the strength and dignity of the original edition, but broadens the appeal by adding: - Updated language and precise NIV text - Contemporary applications and prayers - Scripture references for every Bible quote - Easy-to-use Scripture and subject indexes - Scriptures selected from every book of the Bible These additions are designed to make Evening by Evening ideal for personal use as well as for sharing in study groups. But it's the author's thoughtful "From the pen of Jim Reimann" segments that really make this devotional shine. The author s daily commentary complements Spurgeon's writing perfectly. Each day, Reimann includes personal reflections and shares thought-provoking ideas gleaned from his extensive travel and studies in Israel and other Bible lands. The result is a day-by-day opportunity for Christians to pause, reflect, learn, and grow. Whether you're mature in your faith or new to the journey, this stimulating devotional delivers a daily dose of just what you need. Evening by Evening is the companion volume to Morning by Morning, The Devotions of Charles Spurgeon, also expanded, indexed and updated by Jim Reimann."

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Evening By Evening

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